Armin Zwinz - © Raphael Trautwein
Armin Zwinz

9 best practice tips for trail running beginners!

Whether hilly, flat or in alpine terrain, when it comes to trail running, one thing is the most important: having fun in the nature! Our J. Athletics Ambassador Armin Zwinz reveals his 9 best pract...

Armin ZwinzArmin Zwinz - © Rphael Trautwein

230 kilometers full of passion, success and failure

230 km - 10,000 meters altitude - 3 days!Immerse yourself with us in the "Mission Running SalzAlpenSteig"! Four daring trail running athletes faced a very special challenge: to run from Chiemsee (D...

ClimbingHannah & Jakob Schubert  - © Heiko Wilhelm

In my brother's footsteps

Professional climber and J. Athletics Ambassador Hannah Schubert takes you into her world today, the world of climbing. Her brother Jakob Schubert, multiple overall World Cup winner and world champ...